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Chase a girl, as long as you can make her happy, then she will easily fall in love with you.

In fact, this truth, many boys understand, but their practice is “to tell jokes to girls”, which is a typical mistake.

Happy, is a kind of emotion, it can be transmitted, boys to do is: their happiness to the girls, rather than let the joke happy to the girls.

There’s a big difference between the two. If you tell a joke and it’s funny, it’s funny. She’s not happy about you.

Only make a girl happy because of you, she will truly love you.

So, how can a guy make a girl he likes happy?

First of all, boys need to make themselves happy and pass on their happy emotions to girls, which is the basis for girls to feel happy around you.

This is just like when you get along with an optimistic person, you will become optimistic, and when you get along with a pessimistic person, you will become more prone to wild thinking.

Boys want to make themselves “happy”, not to be happy all day, it is a personal state of mind, and, an attitude towards things.

For example, when two people go out to eat, but a lot of people in the restaurant are waiting in line, you will not be upset, but feel that it is good to spend more time with girls, this is a “happy” state of mind.

With girls, boys should try to relax themselves, don’t have too many concerns, don’t always think about will not say the wrong thing? Did you do something wrong?

When you completely relax yourself into a relationship, believe it, you will become more attractive.

Just imagine, you take a girl to an amusement park to play, play for a day, she will feel very happy, but, you think carefully, do not do this to the emotional development between you, not to help?

Because, a girl’s happiness is brought to her by the ride, not you bring her, she will find the roller coaster fun, but not you fun.

Of course, it’s not that guys can’t do this, but guys also need to use some techniques, let the girl happy is from you, this effect will be better.

To do this, remember one key point: make a girl happy while also touching her emotions.

For example, you take a girl to the playground to play, and then tell her: the last children’s Day did not take you to play, this time make up, may you always be a baby.

This touches the girl’s emotions and makes her happy for you for the rest of the fun.

For example, girls will feel happy to drink milk tea, she is happy to feel good to drink, but, you remember her period date, know how to buy her a cup of hot milk tea, that this cup of milk tea happy will be you “robbed”.

So, want to give girls “happy” feeling, in fact, is very simple, just a lot of boys do wrong, lead to chase girls have no effect.

In the process of chasing girls, boys do not make happy in order to make girls happy, such as, tell jokes to girls, or, play a clown, make girls happy, if it has the effect, then, not the crosstalk actor is equal to “heartthrob”?

Emotion is the emotional switch of girls. When a girl is around you, the more kinds of emotions she experiences, the more she will fall in love with you. This is a principle of chasing girls.

You can learn more about using emotions in a systematic way in my column “99 Men.”

Among them, to “happy” mood, so, when you can make a girl happy because of you, it proves that you are already half the battle.

For girls, happy, is a feeling of love, for boys, girls happy, you are happy, emotional happiness index will improve.

Perhaps, this is the meaning of boys pursuing girls.

When a guy pursues a girl, remember, don’t do nothing, you need to use the right way, do effective pursuit behavior, the relationship will continue to move forward.

If you want to learn the right way to get a girl, you can learn all about it through my column, 99 percent Men.

To have confidence, you are good, and then the right way, you will be able to harvest happy love.

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