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In this troubled society, it is impossible for most people to get married after just having a love affair. People in love are stingy and fickle, so two people in love are bound to break up. Some break up is two people have to each other, recognize that two people are not suitable; Sometimes the breakup is just two people playing a small temper, this time as long as one person to take the initiative to apologize to each other, it is easy to save the relationship. After breaking up still want to compound, how to say the first sentence is very key, if we say so, I believe your success rate will improve a lot.

What if you break up and want to get back together
First, apologize and tell me how you really feel about being away from the other person
No matter who brought up the breakup, since you want to get back together, at least put your own attitude out of the way, the first to apologize to the other person is absolutely essential. After you get a preliminary understanding, you begin to show your sincere feelings, and count how much you blame yourself and how much you miss your partner while you are away, in order to gain further trust from your partner. Finally, promise that you will never leave your partner again.

Second, apologize first, then analyze the reasons for the breakup, emphasizing that it was all your fault
Women, naturally more emotional, their break up may be just a moment of anger, perhaps is a small trick to move forward. Whatever the reason for the breakup, if you want to get back together, you must not blame the other person for it. You have to take credit for the breakup to make it happen. Fortunately, there is still a chance to retain, so I came here to make a sincere apology to the other side. If the other side accepts it, I will definitely regard it as a treasure. Even if the other side does not accept it, I also want to make friends with it.

Three, apologize first, and then recall the two people once good, and then affectionately hope that this sweet continue
Since two people have been dating for a while, so two people will certainly have a lot of sweet moments, the memories of these sweet moments will let the girls resonate, coupled with the sincere apology, for girls, these sugar-coated shells can save their hearts. Of course, in the end, the boy must promise to continue with each other sweet 100 years. It sounds cheesy, but it works. If you don’t believe me, you can try it.

If you break up and want to get back together how to do (break up and get back together)
After two people break up, if you want to save her, want to continue the relationship, the above three ways to retain are better, if you can synthesize, form your own skills, then your success rate will be greatly improved.
Break up and get back together
1. Keep in touch
If you want to save each other, you must know how to communicate. In the process of getting along with two people, most of the time is because the other person has done something wrong, and then want to find each other, so that they can change, so as to save each other. However, some people in a relationship feel that what they give must be the best return for their partner, so they will take everything for themselves, regardless of whether the other person feels or approves. However, this can lead to conflicts or arguments between the two parties, which can lead to the deterioration of the relationship. So if you want to make the other person change, you have to keep communicating, so that you can build up enough trust between two people.
2. Take the initiative to recover
When they break up with each other, they often feel that they have done something wrong and have not been appreciated and forgiven. So if you want to take the initiative to get your partner back after a breakup, you should first reflect on whether you did something wrong that led to your ex’s dissatisfaction, and reflect on what you did wrong. Then find the opportunity to take the initiative to save each other, let each other to accept their own. For example, you can take the initiative to talk to each other, you can ask each other out to dinner or do other things. At the same time, you can make a good impression on the other person and make them feel valued.
3. Learn to listen
When two people are together, they need to constantly create opportunities for communication and communication. Only through communication can we feel each other’s emotional state and inner thoughts, understand each other’s thoughts and needs, and make some right decisions. So if you want to change or save the other person, you have to learn to listen. Listening is a way of listening to the inner world, because when there are emotions in the inner world, we only need to give one message: What am I thinking? What do I feel? He will feel respected and understood, which will change the way you treat him.
4. Establish connections
The connection between the two of you is very important in the recovery process, so if you want the other person to start over, you must initiate a connection. When the other person opens up to you again, don’t be cold and resistant. Instead, reach out to the other person, give them the time and space to talk about themselves, and then connect from their point of view. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be strangers, and you’ll need the same pattern in the recovery process. You just need to follow the normal procedures and maintain proper contact and communication. Don’t engage in mindless cold wars, badgering, and other direct and violent ways to make the other person bored with you. As long as each other maintain good emotional communication, the relationship will go further and further.

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