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1. What would you do if a very ugly person of the opposite sex rushed in while you were in the shower (let’s be honest, hopefully not extreme)

2. Who have you fantasized about here? If not in the past, which one will you choose as YY object now?

3. Which part of the person opposite you think is the best? (Either male or female, if not, say two)

4. Do you fantasize or wish you could do those things with someone you like? Answer yes or no only (truthfully)

5, the end of the world, you will survive, and you can save a person, you will save? Both men and women

6. If you had the chance to go back to your high school days, what would you most like to say to the opposite sex?

7. What do you think of me? (Can be the previous player, at the discretion of the host)

8. Who do you think has the most Kiss lips?

9. Who is the opposite sex you care about most? (Other than relatives or boyfriends or girlfriends)

10, present which of the opposite sex said to you I like you, you will be the most happy?

11. If you could go back in time, which time would you like to go back to and why?

12, will you tell your secret crush? How to express your love?

13. Among all the students present, which of the opposite sex do you think is the most comfortable?

14, let you always remember the name of a member of the opposite sex? The reason?

15, in the process of dating men and girlfriends, have been dumped?

16. What is the thing or thing you are most afraid of (name three)?

17. If the previous player of the opposite sex falls in love with you, what will you do?

18, you accept the brother-sister love? What age range is acceptable?

19, you will sacrifice everything for love, including life?

20, from small to big what is the most embarrassing thing?

21, and how many of the opposite sex have non-love ambiguous relationship?

22, How much do you spend each month? Where did the money go?

What’s the name of the opposite sex that you first like?

Who is the person who will think of before going to bed every day?

25, Who would you most like to elope with?

26, with the opposite sex have done the most intimate thing is what?

27, How old do you wish you were now

28, Are you a virgin?

29, How many people have you kissed?

30, how many times have you fallen in love?

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