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True happiness is someone always thinking about themselves, the language is gentle, the eyes are spoiled. Everything has a response, everything has its place. No matter how far apart, no matter how long haven’t seen each other, the heart is deeply in love with each other. A woman’s real sense of security is that even if the one she loves can’t accompany her side all the time, she still firmly believes that she is the only one in her heart and only sees herself in her eyes. She will never give her love to the second person again. Because love a person’s eyes will not deceive, the body is more honest. Money and accompany your time, more able to see you in a man’s heart position.

What is happiness, what is happiness, confused and understand

Marriage is not the end of love, love in the heart is eternal. How many people take the legal marriage certificate, but live in name only, mutual use, mutual calculation of life. Women should understand that poor and perfunctory is always two different things. The man who really loves you is afraid to give you enough, afraid to let you accompany him to live a hard life, but not to cheat and betray you for other women. Even if he doesn’t have the ability to make a lot of money, he will never cry poor in front of you, and he won’t ask you to save everything to relieve his economic pressure. As long as he can give you a sense of ritual, he will try his best to satisfy you, and won’t let you go everywhere to consider for him and wronged himself. No matter how far away he is, he will come across the ocean to be with you, even if it is only for a few hours. He will also feel very happy, very happy. In his words, no matter how tired he is, as long as he can see you, it is worth it!

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