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When a girl secretly has a crush on someone, it must be the shape of her heart when she sees her crush, without exception. Secret love is not fair love. You can’t show your love like a normal couple. You can only hide your love inside. But secret love is also a feeling, there will be a feeling of heart. That kind of feeling can’t hide, can’t replace. If a girl sees you and shows her heart, she must have a crush on you. What is a heart-warming look?

The girl secretly loves a person’s performance

Three signs that a girl secretly has a crush on someone:
One, stammering

As we all know, women in love are unusual. The woman you love is different. Even if she is usually careless and fights with her friends, she can’t care about her image. But when you meet your crush, you act the exact opposite. A person who is usually verbal may become inarticulate, stammering or even nervous enough to speak. Because she wants to leave a good impression in front of the person she loves secretly, she dare not make too much publicity, which leads to caution. I’m afraid of saying the wrong thing and leaving a bad impression on you, so every conversation I have is very nervous. When she is nervous, she is no longer the smooth talker she used to be. If a girl in the face of a boy, before and after the contrast is great, the speech is not so natural, it must be secretly secretly love that boy.

Two, I can’t look you in the eye

Eyes are the best way to betray a person’s heart. Many things can be seen with the eyes. Like a heartbeat, even if you don’t say it, you will run out of your eyes. Because when a girl secretly loves someone, she can’t look him in the eyes. Because secret love is for some reason, can not say. May be afraid of rejection, fear of being hated, fear of not being a friend, so the secret love hidden in the heart becomes a secret. If you look into the eyes of your crush, the true feelings in her heart will definitely be hidden in her eyes and come out of her eyes. In order to prevent their secret love being found out, girls usually don’t dare to look at people who have secret love.

Three, shy bow when passing by

Shyness is the best proof of heart movement. As you get older, your skin may get thicker. That shy look might actually go away. When you get along with your friends, you won’t be shy by any means. If a girl walks by you and lowers her head shyly, you are not an ordinary person in her heart. Because when I pass by you, the deer in my heart collids with you, which is the best proof of secret love. That kind of pure love, that kind of admiration, will make people unconsciously shy. If a girl can give you a shy side, you must be her crush. Must cherish.

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