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A lot of girls ask me, like and love big difference? When you ask me this question, I know you are a little anxious, you begin to distinguish between love and love is very big difference, with the position of the center of gravity.

What is the difference between like and love (Introduction to the nature of love and love)

What’s the difference between like and love
For example, what do you mean, is like a person, the center of their own, and love a person’s center of gravity will be on each other

Like a girl, I care more about their own feelings, to think and their own feelings is the first

I am more important, and love a girl, you will subconsciously take care of her mood, I give up their own stubborn

When you like someone, you are more likely to act rational and relaxed without bothering yourself

It’s more like talking than doing

Remember to take medicine when you are sick, remember to wear more when it is cold, remember not to rain on your aunt, remember to drink brown sugar water

When you love someone, you are more emotional and willing to sacrifice your energy and time

Sick take the initiative to buy medicine, the weather is cold take the initiative to pick her up, rain take the initiative to prepare the umbrella in advance

To menstruation, take the initiative to buy a good warm baby in advance

Like a person, all her shortcomings you can tolerate and understand

But loving someone is what she’s missing, and you want to supply it

Do you think I’m right?

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