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Ambiguous period, dare not pick out the relationship how to do?

I have known this girl for half a year. Since the third month, I think we have developed some interest in each other, so we began to chat more frequently. The chat was very hot and we could feel the same interest.

To tell the truth, this kind of ambiguous period of the day to give a person the feeling is a little sweet and a little sad, she has a few good heterosexual friends, are from the school days to know, every time I listen to her say with a few good friends to go out to play, I have a little helpless, and a little jealous. But I’m a little shy about our relationship, afraid that we can’t even keep this state, what should I do? Ask a teacher for guidance

Ambiguous period, dare not pick out the relationship how to do

Emotional mentor Answer:
Many people describe the dating phase as the most beautiful phase of a relationship, slightly sweet and a little sour. Two people have an unspoken affection for each other, but if you can’t tell the difference between liking and flirting, it can cause a lot of trouble in your relationship.

First, you need to adjust your mindset. You need to know if you really want to be in a relationship with someone, whether it’s instantaneous or whether it’s real. Some people will be very anxious, meet a little interested directly to start, but often in the end, really have a relationship, there is a fast break up, just like the current fast love.

So, define your heart for this girl, the feelings you want to have with her? Are you willing to spend your time with her? Would you like to face the troubles of life with her? Only when you know what’s in your heart can you know what to do next.

Next, you can try to find out how the other person feels about you. If a girl likes you, even if she is shy and introverted, she will show it from the details. She can’t help sharing the little things in life, happiness or trouble with you, and send you the good scenery she meets.

She cares about your mood and goes out of her way to accompany you when you feel tired. But ambiguous is different, ambiguous pursuit is more of a sense of freshness, and good at evading responsibility, can use rhetoric to solve will not be put into action.

So knowing these premises, how can you break through? The teacher thinks, should know to hint with each other, and be able to understand each other’s hint. The right cues can help your relationship develop. For example, tease her occasionally, hold her back when crossing the street, walk her inside, etc. Pay attention to these details.

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