What happens when a relationship goes wrong

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First, what are the reasons for the problems in feelings
They have different personalities and no common interests. Two people together, if there is no common interests and topics, it will be easy to conflict. Moreover, if two people have strong personalities, they will not take the initiative to communicate with each other when they encounter problems, which will only make the conflict pile up.

We don’t trust each other enough. If two people do not trust each other, then it is easy to break up the relationship. Because once there is a crisis of trust, then it is very easy to break up.

3. Out-of-sync plans for the future: When two people have different plans for the future, there will be great conflicts. Say a person wants to start a business or secure a job; And the other person wants to have a stable job and get married and so on and so forth that will lead to more and more differences between two people and eventually lead to the breakup of the relationship.

4. Lack of communication between two people: when the lack of communication between two people will cause a lot of problems; For example, one party often goes on business trips or works outside for a long time, while the other party likes to stay at home and does not like to go out, and so on the occurrence of the situation will lead to more and more contradictions between the two people will eventually lead to the breakup of the relationship

How to deal with problems in a relationship (how to solve problems when the relationship comes out)

5. The influence of family reasons: If the relationship breakdown is caused by family reasons, it is easy to solve; After all, parents love their children, so as long as they can solve these problems well, they can be back together.

Learn to put yourself in your partner’s shoes if you find that something is wrong with your relationship, learn to put yourself in their shoes. In fact, many times the reason why we will appear some misunderstanding or some estrangement is because there is a certain defect in our thinking mode caused by! So we must stand in each other’s point of view to think about the problem! Only in this way can we better solve the problem

Many people like to complain about their partner when they are in a relationship. However, you should know that your partner is a human being and he will have his flaws and shortcomings. So don’t complain about your partner all the time

We should learn to tolerate and understand that everyone has disadvantages and advantages. At this time, we need to tolerate and understand them instead of blindly criticizing them

Sometimes we think that the life now is plain and there is no big surprise, but in fact it is not so as long as you are willing to work hard, then you will harvest a beautiful love that belongs to you

A lot of people in a relationship think that since I have been with him or her, I should treat him or her as my personal property like I have to control everything and listen to him or her. But actually, this is not good because everyone has their own space and freedom, so you can’t shackle him or her all the time

It takes patience to be in a relationship especially if you find that there are some problems in your relationship because only if you have enough patience can you solve these problems

Give them a sense of security Some people think that security is being around you 24 hours a day but that’s not true True security is that no matter what you’re doing there’s someone there for you, you know

We should learn to respect each other’s wishes. Everyone’s ideas are different, so we must learn to respect each other’s wishes when facing some things

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