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When kissing one party to extend the tongue one party does not extend how to return a responsibility
1. It’s probably because your breath is affecting him

For most people, when kissing will smell each other’s breath, if the other party is not bad breath then it is OK, but if the other party has some problems like bad breath, then the other party is not willing to be kissed to extend the tongue, this phenomenon is completely self-protection, but even if the other party is not willing to extend the tongue, you don’t have to care too much, after all, the other party is also difficult, And she won’t love you any less if she doesn’t stick out her tongue.

2. Avoid drool

For those who don’t want to stick out their tongues, maybe they think they will touch your saliva, so they will think it is disgusting, you don’t need to force this situation, after all, everyone has their own preferences, but you can’t dislike him because he doesn’t stick out his tongue, because he may actually love you. You just have to let the other person satisfy you in some other way.

3. They’re kissing for the first time

For people who are kissing for the first time, sometimes they are shy or they don’t know how to kiss properly, so one of them will stick out their tongue and the other won’t, so don’t worry too much if that happens, because the other person is willing to kiss you and they love you, but if you need a better kissing experience, It is necessary to communicate with each other carefully, so that you can better love interaction.

When kissing one party to extend the tongue one party does not extend how to return a responsibility

What should you pay attention to when you kiss someone for the first time?
1. Pay attention to oral hygiene.

A kiss is a way for two people to release their love by touching their lips. Since it’s lip contact, it’s important to maintain oral hygiene. If your partner smells bad on your mouth or comes up with scraps of food during your first kiss, your status in their hearts is guaranteed to plummet. So in order to make a good impression on your first kiss, practice oral hygiene before the date, not only brushing your teeth, but preferably cleaning with mouthwash, and chewing two of your partner’s favorite gum if possible. If you eat before kissing, try not to eat food with a pungent smell, such as garlic.

2. Don’t stick your tongue out.

Because many people like to watch action movies alone, they think that they have never eaten pork and have always seen a pig run. When you kiss for the first time, you use what you learned in action movies. Tongue kiss! However, if you stick out your tongue for the first time, it will certainly cause discomfort and disgust. Tongue kissing is a technique that can only be used after further development. In the initial contact, you should be able to scratch the surface and dabble.

3. Don’t touch your hands.

Some people like to touch their partner’s body for the first time because they feel overwhelmed, because they want to take advantage of their partner, or because they think that touching will stimulate their desire for more. No matter what your intentions are, it’s best to keep your hands under control when you kiss for the first time so that you don’t leave a creepy impression!

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