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Sweet, long messages to your date
Your name is the shortest love poem I have ever read. I like you very much, like spring to autumn, flowering begonia.

There are one hundred kinds of dream life, each of which has you.

Since you have been my sweetheart, since the wind and snow are not durable, only you are my love year after year.

Four, I thought you were understanding, now I think you meet my heart, after we want to agree.

May you smile when you hear my name, and may you give me a hug regardless of when you see me again.

Six, the court spilled the moonlight, fell on the ground has become your appearance. You are the hope of my life, is also the only light in my world.

Sweet long text for your partner (500 words for your partner)

I dare not say that I am the one who loves you most in the world, but I dare to say that you are my most beloved person.

No one knows how much I like you, but everyone around me knows that every day I open my mouth to mention the people are you.

Like you, is probably in the heart has given up one thousand times, but as long as you look back once, I will kindle the hope to love you again.

I want to be your lover for a lifetime, less than a year, a day, an hour, is not a lifetime.

Your name is only two words, although not a word, but has been filled with my heart.

12, do not want to let others see you a little bit of good, want to put you in the arms, in the pocket to close the zipper, a breath do not show.

I love the stars of the sea, love mountains and rivers, you are my final destination.

You ask me how much I like you, I can’t say. But I know in my heart that I would rather fight with you than love anyone else.

The stars are hot, you are the ideal of the world; Things change, you are the world; Everyone mediocre, you are the stars of the world; Everything is up and down, you are the world return.

Sweet sentences to listen to the object
1. I have read many books, but none of them are as good as you.

2, in my barren land, you are the last rose.

Think about it, or miss you.

4, with the temperature to see you, even in a dream.

5. I don’t want to confuse people today.

I want to say I love you in your ear

7, how many stars in the sky how many girls in the world,

But there is only one moon in the sky and only one you in the world.

9, I have nothing special, just like you. I hope you like me so much that I can be special.

10, like the spring wind, summer watermelon, autumn fruit juice, winter snow, and every season of you.

Write a paragraph to the object warm heart 500 words
1, as long as you are willing, when you are frustrated, when you need a shoulder, tell me, I will appear immediately.

2, let’s go, one hand can’t carry the luggage, from now on, I am your left hand.

I miss you very much at the moment, please take care of yourself for me.

4. I’ve never had a woman who taught me so much.

You will always be the most temperament, the most special and the most attractive in my heart.

6, at any time, protect your life! In any case, as long as you need me, I will come immediately and do my best for you.

7, there’s nothing wrong with me, just want to hear your voice.

8, I love you, please believe me, I can’t promise to do the best, but I will try my best to do better.

Because I know I can’t live without you, so I will cherish it more.

10, I promise not to let anyone hurt you, including myself, believe me! I will give you happiness.

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