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Everyone wants to have a happy marriage and stay together with the person in their life. But in a relationship, there is always a period of exhaustion. Marriage is not love, the daily necessities of life and too many trifles will directly affect the feelings after marriage, and the feelings of husband and wife life often become more and more weak because of these trifles. Marriage is a practice, how to maintain a good marriage relationship is a great knowledge. I want to give you a little help by talking about three ways to maintain a relationship in a marriage.

10 Tips for Staying Married:
First, mutual trust is the premise

Trust is a prerequisite for the long-term development of any relationship, a relationship, if both parties can trust each other enough. In the face of any problem, the heart will not be so tired, in the face of all sorts of trifles in life will be small, small things. If two people do not even the most basic trust, how to talk about life, how to accompany.

Two, empathy, common understanding

Man is a thinking reed. As far as thoughts are concerned, there is a great contrast between men and women in their innate thoughts. Women are extremely sensitive, comprehensive and thoughtful, but sometimes can’t avoid overthinking. Men in a lot of the performance is free and easy, generous some. In the face of some problems, the two sides often have disputes because of their different ideas. In the long run, because of the existence of some trifles, the feelings of the couple will become more and more weak in the quarrel. If in ordinary life, two people can put themselves in each other’s shoes, understand each other, stand in each other’s point of view to consider the problem, so more understanding, husband and wife life will be more sweet.

Three, create a small romance, life needs a sense of ritual

Life after marriage is not as sweet as two people in love, after all, marriage is a family, family life in the face of too many problems, after marriage will return to reality. It’s possible that a couple in a relationship will bring a touch of affection to each other on memorable occasions like Valentine’s Day, which often preserves the novelty of the relationship. In fact, married life is the same, is today’s most popular words “life needs a sense of ritual.” Married life is already facing a few trifles between two families, two people will inevitably miss the beauty of life, if can take a loving heart to face life, occasionally make a little romantic, will be in love anniversary, wedding anniversary for TA in a small gift, such marriage will not become so boring and boring.

Four, manage marriage expectations

Love is a flower, marriage is a fruit. After the romantic love, marriage becomes the fruit of love. The fruit is sour or sweet, depending on the sun on both sides.

Both men and women should mature as soon as possible and fully understand the nature of marriage. Romantic before marriage, just overture, too high expectations, often bring disappointment. Firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea, is the essence of marriage.

This is the marriage of “no makeup”, no matter how to dress up, to be based on the makeup. Life is big, even if there are unhappy places in life, also want to do “coarse grain fine”. The original rough life, dress up exquisite beautiful.

Five, take care of your body

People have a strong desire for the body of the opposite sex, and when couples pass the novelty period, they transfer their sexual interest to other members of the opposite sex. Once the small garden, has become a weed garden, the heart of the red apricot, eager to poke out of the wall.

At this time, good management of their own body, become the maintenance of marriage executive force. Think is not wrong, practice is sin!

Loyalty between husband and wife is the anchor of marriage. Betrayal, will make feelings collapse!

6. Learn to hold the line

The couple’s pet or love, must be within the range of the bottom line. Never let the other side cross the line.

Children are afraid of pet, adults are not afraid of pet? Small talk style, big talk principle! Once the bottom line is lost, the other side will push hard. When you can’t handle it, there’s always a big conflict.

A lot of people say that family is not a reasonable place. Wrong! Without reason, there is no idea of right and wrong. When one of the night out, and the opposite sex ambiguous, must clearly tell him (she), you step on my bottom line!

7. Learn the art of fighting

Fighting and art don’t seem to go hand in hand. No, there is learning in fighting.

When one person is in a bad mood, the other person doesn’t talk about unpleasant things. Otherwise, the other person is likely to get angry.

Two people argue, when one of the sullen face, before the attack, the other to retreat. Leave the problem for another time.

Don’t try to apologize to each other immediately after a “war.” Wait until both parties have calmed down and explain in terms acceptable to the other party. Otherwise, there will likely be a second war!

Reconciliation after quarrels should not be carried out immediately, still less should it be delayed for a long time, which will lead to a cold war.

The olive branch extended by one side, the other side should quickly catch, otherwise, Chiang deepened resentment!

8. Learn to appreciate each other

No man is perfect until he is pure. Understand that the flaws outweigh the flaws.

Everyone has advantages and disadvantages, depending on how you treat them. You ignore each other’s strengths, deliberately magnify the weaknesses, he (she) is a jerk! You look more at the advantages, look less at the disadvantages, that is the angel.

With the eyes of a photographer, find the beauty of the lover, and praise it properly, the other will carry forward. Become more and more perfect, more and more lovely.

Nine, understand a man’s face is the most important

It can be said that a man is the spokesman of a family. When he goes out and talks with his friends, he always wants to show the best side of his wife and family to outsiders. Therefore, in the public place, you should not put some trifles that affect the couple’s feelings on the table, let alone attack or fight in the public place. At the same time, there will be problems in the harmony of the family.

10. Give men some space

For extroverted men, social relationships are more extensive, so there will often be parties with friends, to exchange drinks, this time you try not to limit the time or quarrel with them, because men always want to let the family have better material security, so these parties, may be helpful to his business, work! For an introverted man, he may be tired after work and want to go home to read a book or play a game. At this time, you should give her a certain amount of time, don’t nag, otherwise it will make him very upset.

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