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The most touching love sentence
1. Lucky to know your peach blossom face, from then on crisscrossed more warm.

2. I am a person who is hesitant to do anything, but I love you this thing, I am very firm.

3. Love each other for a long time how can not heartbeat? Even though every little tenderness turns from a surprise into a routine when you first fall in love, you feel as good in retrospect as you did when you first fell in love

4. I have the sea of stars in my eyes, the stars are you, the sea is you.

5. I can’t give you the whole world, but my whole world can give you.

6. You are my warm gloves, cold beer, with the smell of the sun shirt, day after day dream.

7. When you leave, you seem to take away the lively atmosphere of the dance floor!

8. The wind is clear, from head to toe are very happy, the rest of my life long love has a return period, all because of you only for you.

9.” Will you still love me?” “No, every day.”

10. I don’t know how much I like you, but if it is to see you, I must run. — Ponyo by Hayao Miyazaki

The most moving love sentence (a heartfelt and affectionate love sentence)

11. I will always yield to tenderness, and you are tenderness itself.

12. There’s been a rumor recently that I’m in love. Let me set the record straight.

13. I wish I could talk with you for a lifetime

14. You are in spring and autumn, summer cicada and winter snow. You are not, spring, summer, autumn and winter. — Leslie Cheung (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter)

15. I have become a girl who will not blush when I hear dirty jokes, but I still want to wear a white dress to show you

16 I like you, is the kind of think of your name, the heart will be like tsunami mountain.

17. One bite of a stuffed pineapple bun filled with strawberries neighbor’s big cake Savory crispy fried chicken drumsticks freshly baked crepes and milk flavored lollipops Count all their calories That’s pretty much how they like you

18. “Always give in to gentleness, always be soft, always like someone who will talk to me.”

19. Impartial, just you.

20. I want to save for many years of tenderness to you.

21. My love for you is the kind of love that I want to marry you.

22 like flowers hit the spring breeze, see everything, everything is a cup bow, see you, you are surprised.

23. You are the Warm Atlantic Stream, I am Murmansk Port. Because of your arrival, my world has become an ice-free port.

24. Sugar for you, passion for you, love for you, love for you.

25 I really love jealous, but I’m sorry to always take this kind of thing to make you, but in fact you slightly to other girls nice talk, I will be a person jealous and angry half dead, but I can’t mean it to limit your friends ah, but I really mean, you are my, others are not allowed to like.

26 suddenly like a glimpse of the word, love at first sight is too superficial, love is too pale, others wink, I only peek at you so. — “A Class of Scholars”

27. All those little jealously feelings, petty emotions, and tender love fall upon you.

28 If the whole world to you, I will say to you on the words of love.

29 When Jinfeng Yulu meets, it wins the world countless.

30. I am a very timid person ah careful life like things to be able to hide quietly then you put me as a small hamster to steal your nuts into wine and then drunk can go to you.

A walk heart and deep love words
1, I don’t have much to give you, but if you nod, I am yours.

2, I am eager to see you, but please remember, I will not ask to see you, this is not proud, you know I have no pride in front of you, but because, only if you want to see me, our meeting is meaningful.

3, no one interested in the ferry is always full of flowers, just like I like you really hesitated to say words.

4, the rose to send today like a dream, jade or spring. Empty acacia thousands of wisps, where to see aromatic dust for the rest of your life.

5. “I wanted to buy a bunch of roses for you, but I still think it is wrong after thinking about it, because roses are not gentle and romantic.”

6, when and she went to the grocery store, she bounced on the road, the mind came out of a sentence, messy hair, like piano mess my heart.

7. “I had so many golden dreams, but they were lost on the way to life”

8, fortunately is to meet you, see your beauty, unfortunately, after seeing your beauty, no longer love others.

You can’t take away my life, but you take away more than my life.

10, I sell dusk in the world, just to collect the world’s gentle to see you.

11, I asked when castle peak old, castle peak asked me when idle, I see all living beings are vegetation, only to see you are castle peak, castle peak has gone with the wind, I and the sea of mulberry field, the sunset Xiguang sheng, shallow sea of clouds autumn rain residual.

12, in the day not to see, I looked up many times to see the month, many times sigh, but this only has to do with you.

13. “Because I know she doesn’t belong to me, I just pass by when she blooms.”

14, I have rehearsed many times in my heart to break up, but in the moment she put forward, or failed to accept.

15, if you slowly raise your hand, hold it to the top, and then suddenly open five fingers, congratulations, you just put yourself a fireworks, at most two at a time. But you know what, if you slowly reach over, hold me, then my heart, is fireworks thousands of flowers

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