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When most guys meet a girl, they start thinking about how to say hello and start a conversation. And while you’re trying to decide what to say, you’ve missed the perfect time, so how do we start the conversation to attract a girl?

How to Talk to a Girl You just met

Don’t worry about chat can’t find the topic, girls to your attitude cold ah, today teach you four tricks, you can quickly let the girls have a strong interest in you, even take the initiative to find you chat.

Before starting a conversation with a girl, there are a few mistakes you should avoid.

① Check account type chat, ask east ask west has been asking for value, purpose is too strong ② male Luo set thinking, always like to use some concluding words, let the girls have no words to pick up ③ purpose opening, such as eat? Did you sleep? What are you doing? Come out to play? A date? Exposing your need is too strong and makes girls think you’re too needy.

These three are common mistakes many guys make, so they should be avoided when you talk to the girl you like.

Here’s how to break the ice with a girl you just met.

How to Talk to a Girl You just met

First, solve the thinking difference between boys and girls. Girls care more about feelings and process, while boys pay more attention to results and goals.

Many boys may have learned some so-called methods and words. In the chat, they use cold reading to pave the way and want to close the distance with girls, and some of them will use humorous chat to show their value and make girls happy. These can also make girls feel good, but the problem of chatting with girls is not fundamentally solved.

Because this way of chatting or boys’ thinking, so boys should first stand in the girls’ thinking to start the topic, as long as we remember that girls chat focus on emotional comfort.

In the early stage, what a guy should do is to make the atmosphere of the chat interesting, rather than to make the girl think you are interesting. At the beginning, blindly showing their humor and fun, in fact, is a strong sense of need.

When the atmosphere becomes interesting, girls will be interested and motivated to talk with you. The interesting atmosphere is well prepared. Finally, your funny humor is to warm up in the snow.

How to Talk to a Girl You just met

Two: to break the stereotype of linear thinking, because many boys and girls are talking about nothing, this is what we call the stereotype of linear thinking.

For example, when a girl says “Hi, hello” to you at the beginning of the conversation, the stereotypical response is “Hi, hello”. The opening is already awkward. Boys should understand that girls are emotional creatures, and girls will not like plain chatting.

And then we’re going to use our second set of chat techniques, emotional tension chat techniques, where a girl says to you, “Hi, hello,” and a guy can say, “I’m really happy,” and the girl’s curiosity will be aroused, “Why are you happy?” The boy can answer “Catch a cutie alive”.

Girls literally say hello to you, the meaning of the words is to talk to you, and such a chat will not be rigid, and can drive the girl want to talk to you and talk about the mood and power.

Three: Observe the topic of interest in the girls’ discourse, and constantly lead the topic again. When the boys drive the girls’ emotions, and make the girls laugh, the girls reply ha ha ha or smile happily, many boys do not know how to return.

The right thing to do is to skip this topic, the previous topic has already made the girl laugh, if you continue to talk about this topic, the mood will continue to slide until you lose interest, find you boring, and then don’t talk to you.

Boys should control the trend of girls’ emotions and the control of the chat, just like the ups and downs of the electrocardiogram. If they have been controlled in the good mood, then the emotional grasp will be out of balance, and the following can be used to push and pull chat skills.

For example, when the girl is amused, “Ha ha ha”, the boy can reply by saying, “Your laugh is too bright, like a man, not cute”, “but your smile is still quite ladylike”.

Let the girl’s high mood down, pull back the girl’s mood, let the girl have emotional fluctuations, then the following chat will become natural and interesting.

How to Talk to a Girl You just met

Four: must not deep talk about a topic, in the first chat, the girl’s energy is limited, if just started to talk about the topic deep, the girl will feel boring.

For example, when talking to a girl about her favorite travel and food, remember not to talk too much, usually three or four sentences can be finished, and then move on to the next topic.

Because it is the first time to chat, girls are very strange and defensive, so girls are not willing to talk further, boys should use divergent chat skills.

For example, when talking to girls about travel, and then draw a romantic and interesting picture to talk about love, so that there will be flexibility, the scope of the chat will be more and more interesting, of course, the key to jump to the topic must be close, do not pull, that is counterproductive and unnatural.

Boys master the above four points, repeated practice, you will get something!

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