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The feelings between men and women can not be maintained by momentary enthusiasm, the distance between each other is like a wall, blocking in the middle of two people, it must be difficult to overcome. Because any feelings, you can not be in her world, always just her or his a person’s world in a small corner, without his shadow. It’s just you and her in this world. I get so lonely when you’re not around. So want to chat with the opposite sex to master must be chat set, and the opposite sex to have a topic to chat ah! But what is a good topic to talk about?

7 Ways to Talk to the Opposite Sex
1. Keep the topic simple when chatting with the opposite sex

Simple will have a good topic, not complex topic, and two people talking, you may feel boring talking about this topic. Don’t talk to each other about complicated topics, such as work, money and so on. Otherwise, you will get bored with the conversation and there will be no interaction. It’s good for both people to talk about simple topics.

7 Ways to Talk to the Opposite Sex

2. Don’t bore the other person

In this world no one is not boring, but everyone has his own life, this life belongs to his own, you have to have a healthy body, it is difficult to change things. If you think a man is boring, he must be single; If you think a guy is boring because you’re clingy, he’s single. If you think a guy is boring because he’s not compatible with you, he’s single. You want a woman to be totally committed to you? That’s what it’s like to talk to her just find something to talk to her about. Find something interesting to talk about, but don’t bore her; Find something to talk about and don’t bore her.

3. Be charming

A lot of people don’t naturally want to woo someone when they first meet, but a lot of times this can give the other person the impression that they don’t want to be close to you, or even that you don’t know them well enough. So when you chat with your opposite sex friends, the first sentence you need to let them know that you are a particularly excellent and attractive person. You can learn more about the other person, such as: Who is this? What are you reading?

7 Ways to Talk to the Opposite Sex

4. Add topics

A lot of men will ask: I can only say one or two words when talking to others, but I don’t know what to say. In fact, this idea is wrong. After a little communication between men and women, they will know what to say. So men don’t think that girls don’t understand men. This is how many men are led away by women. So men should find something to talk about. Some men are introverted and don’t initiate conversations about other people’s topics, so try to find topics that arouse his curiosity. For example, when you eat together, you can ask what you have eaten recently.

5. Talk about what the other person is thinking

You don’t have to say what’s on your mind when you’re talking to someone, but do offer something to amuse them every now and then. If you’re only answering “um” or something like that, it won’t be interesting. Must know how to praise others, you praise others at the same time can also be appropriate to guide them to praise you. If you feel the same way about them and they say the same thing, then it’s time to move on. But we must be careful not to say some encouraging words, such as: “I’m reading, hurry up.” Instead, it should be appropriate to affirm the other person’s words, such as “you are right.”

6. Watch your tone when talking to someone

Boys and girls at the beginning of the chat, it is best to keep a proper distance, if too close but easy to make girls have bad feelings. For example, if a woman asks a man where he works, he should try not to say that he is too busy at work. But what about boys? Don’t keep talking about how busy he is at work. Chances are he won’t like you very much (and won’t listen to you even when you’re talking to him). Instead, your interruptions will make him feel perfunctory.

7. Be interesting

If you don’t have anything in common, it’s better to have a topic of conversation that you both enjoy. If you want to be together, do fun things! Because two people are the pursuit of happiness, so everyone wants to find happiness! A fun person will not only add fun to your life, but also heat up your relationship! So if you want to be an interesting and talented man, then you must master a lot of chat tips! This point I tell you here, in fact, is to talk about the other party like to drink what kind of wine can talk very happy!

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