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[(a + 52.8) x 5-3.9343] x 2 to 10 a (a is the arbitrary number of love) = 520.1314 (I love you for life. This is a magic mathematical formula, but also for the love of all corners of love formula, “a” represents “love”, a can take any number, that is, no matter what kind of love, I love you for life.

Hidden confession mathematical formula (hidden confession formula)

When I love you 100 (a=100)

When I love you 100 points, maybe in a chance encounter, touched your heartstrings. Fall in love with you at first sight, love, with 100% love as the starting point, gave you a casual commitment.

That is: [(100+52.8)×5-3.9343]×2-10×100=520.1314(I love you for life).

When love you is greater than 10000. = 10000).

When love you more than 10000 points, you and I are in love, sweet words, vows of eternal love, perhaps can not help but heroic words, boast haikou, say to you: “Love for you is ten thousand. “

In fact, I am not cheating you, do not believe you calculate:

[(100000+52.8)×5-3.9343]×2-10×100000=520.1314(I love you all my life).

Is still the original promise: I love you for life!

Hidden confession mathematical formula (hidden confession formula)

When love you is 0 (a=0)

When one day suddenly shout to you: “I don’t love you! “It must be when we are angry with each other, stalemate, a cry that is not sincere, just to vent repressed emotions, because I still love you, you do not believe me, calculate:

[(0+52.8)×5-3.9343]×2-10×0=520.1314(I love you all my life).

No matter how big the storm, in my heart, my love for you is always the same!

When love you is a negative number. 0)

When a certain time, ignore you, and say to you: “The most hated person in the world is you, the next life never want to meet you! “Perhaps we have walked in the avenue of the evening, trembling figures, blaming each other. But there must be a little calculation in your heart.

[(100 + 52.8) x 5-3.9343) x 2 (100) – 10 x = 520.1314 (I love you for life.

Then you gently tease: “You this old guy, after my abacus a dozen, you have to meet me in the next life, your original promise is a lifetime, still owe me a lifetime! “

Meet the best of him, give him a lifetime commitment!

Hide the formula of the confession
1. I love you

100 x 6-250-30 + 200

I love you all my life

Present 0.5 (52.8 x 5-3.9343)

3, love is you

(150 * 2 * 4) + 818 + 222

4, with you for life

(50 x 4) x 40 + 13

5. x2+(y-3√x2)2=1

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